Lucia Hoerr

Lucia is the founder of Backpack Buddies, designed to ensure that local children have backpacks full of school supplies.  When she was 9 she realized it cost over $100 to buy supplies and worried about the children who can’t afford it.  She recruited others and they’ve distributed over 2,000 backpacks to date. Lucia’s even been training middle-schoolers to take her place when she goes to college.  She’s also created many small business startups just to fund Backpack Buddies.  Her socially conscious efforts have brought her national recognition as a top teen volunteer.  Lucia also has a long-standing interest in science and technology and a passion for equity for women in those fields.  She says she got hooked on technology with a remote control car she received when she was five that had a live-streaming spy video camera.   Eventually, Lucia wants to help create a network of powerful and determined young philanthropists.

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