Meg Richey

Meg is mature, driven and funny.  She’s heading to Stanford in the Fall, where she hopes to work with renowned professor Manu Prakash, the MacArthur Genius grant winner known for designing innovative cost-effective devices like water computers and origami microscopes.  Meg already has a patent pending for an invention of her own called the Morris Orthotic.  She designed it after her beloved school bus driver, Mr. Morris, died after his foot was amputated due to a diabetic ulcer.  Her device could become the standard of care to help prevent amputations and deaths from diabetic foot ulcers. 

Meg studied computer science in Oxford, England and is the youngest person ever to work at UVA’s Biomedical Engineering Design Lab, where she’s working on a device to help surgeons when a patient has a collapsed lung. She was one of just 50 students nationwide invited to talk with Bill and Melinda Gates about innovative solutions to world problems.  She loves computer science, having taught herself to code in the 9thgrade.  Meg is dismayed that only 18% of the computer science degrees go to women. She plans to focus her career on technological innovations while also advocating for women’s rights.

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