Phoebe DeVito

Phoebe is currently a Freshman at the College of William and Mary studying English and psychology. She is a member of the Tribetones, the newest all-female A Capella group on campus and is on the staff of one of the College’s student run literary magazines, JUMP. She has also been involved with Women’s Initiatives in Leadership which seeks to educate and involve female students on campus in leadership opportunities and civic engagement. Phoebe is a leader of Tribe Fellowship, an on-campus student run ministry and helps to lead a small group of high school students through the Williamsburg Community Chapel. In addition to paid work this summer, Phoebe hopes to explore her interests in speech language pathology and marketing through job shadowing and internships with Charlottesville area start-ups. She looks forward to traveling to Nashville on a service trip in July and working as an orientation aide for the class of 2021 upon returning to campus in the fall.

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