Tori Carter-Johnston

Tori is a quiet leader who listens and considers what she’ll say and do and then does it.  This year she saw a need in her community and addressed it, even though it sparked difficult and uncomfortable conversations about Black Lives Matter within her racially-mixed family.  Tori says it hurts to think of her own sisters growing up in a world that might not appreciate them just because of how they look and she worries it might affect their self-image the way it has affected her. 

The same day her school had a discussion of racial injustice and Colin Kaepernick’s NFL player protest, Tori’s volleyball team went to Quantico for a game.  When the national anthem played, she hesitated, but didn’t turn to face the flag with everyone else. It was her way to stand in solidarity with those fighting for racial justice. She was heckled for this, one parent from the other side yelled at her coach.  It was hard, but she kept up her protest for the rest of the season.  Her teammates supported her and her school organized a Summit on Race for private schools in this area and later awarded Tori the first ever Community Consciousness Award. Tori is contemplating a career in politics.   Tori will attend Howard University in the Fall.

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